Who Am I

I am a traveler. I am a seeker. I travel to the corners of the world to unravel the mystery of life. I travel to the deepest corners of my heart to seek answers. I travel to find love – in books, in prose, in art, in hills, in alleys, in sunsets, and in people.

I am on a journey.

Where will I reach? I’m not sure. When will I reach? I’m not sure. How will I reach? I’m not sure.

But, the road is enthralling. I am bewitched by the beauty. The beauty of life. The beauty of nature. The beauty of love.

And in the journey, I create rivetting memories. And I write. I write to remember them. I write to look back at them, and smile, and cry, and laugh, and relive them again and again.

And there is a hope. A hope that one day I will reach my paradise.

Join me in this odyssey. With me, maybe you will find your paradise too.


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