On one lazy Friday afternoon, I look up from my desk. People were already calling it a day, and bidding their goodbyes, and wishing a happy weekend. The clock tells me it’s a little over 4 in the afternoon.

And here I am, with my code failing to compile. Google search was called into service, websites hunted scrupulously, only to add to my despair – no plausible fix was found. The sun shines brightly, the sound of birds tweeting sneaks through the windows, fellow associates leave jovially. Perfect. Just the motivation I needed to take a break.

Tschuss code!

Smartphone unlocked, I check my messaging app. A happy respite, in the guise of a message from an old friend. What’s your favorite book by Murakami, he asks.

The epiphany of how little I have read dawned on me, as regrettably, I have read not one. Amid a dozen words of dizzying obscenity, he replied, I found the name ‘Norwegian Wood’. Read it bruv, he said, you have no idea what you are missing out on. After a few strokes of the keyboard, and a few more clicks, the eBook lies open in my work machine.

Here, I face one of my most baffling conundrums. Work on the code a bit more, or read the book, or go home and read the book, or go home and take a nap? Oh my! I am spoilt by choices.

“Hi. Do you have some time now?”

The sudden, out of the blue question made me shudder out of my reverie. I look up and find my manager standing. A jolly good quadragenarian. You know how polite he is when he sees you staring blankly at the wall with an eBook open on your screen, and still finds the decency of asking whether you are free. He, a manager. I, an intern. But then again, such power dynamics are irrelevant to him, unless of course, you cross him.

We talk about the project for some time. And then we talk about football, and weekend, and trips, and parties, and some more. Get out of your room, he urges, get out and start to appreciate life. Don’t wait for grey hairs to show up before you cognize the beauty of life, he cautions. A man of great wisdom.

We all know about it. We all talk about it. Even many a times we think about it. But then, we turn a blind eye and get on with our busy schedules. It is important to work. But it is also important to live. Live, by appreciating the nature. Live, by enjoying the cool breeze while you walk amidst lushes of green. Smile. Smile at fellow travelers. Smile, that we get to enjoy the miracle of life. Enjoy what you do, do what you enjoy. Is it not, but one life, that we have? Live, and not just exist.

That’s too heavy for a Friday evening, I tell myself. Stop. Self-preaching is scheduled for Tuesday afternoons, so cut it out now, I threaten my brain.

I book my tickets. Off for a small, but much-needed trip to the countryside. Two days of complete peace and serenity. Ah! Heaven.

It’s over 5 now. Desktop shut down, bags packed, I retire for the day. Will see each other again next week, but now I need to leave to live. A short, but fun weekend awaits me.

Auf Wiedersehen. Schönes Wochenende.”


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