I am sad that it’s over. But that sadness is of trifling magnitude compared to the joy it gave me. I am happy to be a part of it while it lasted. And maybe someday, from some corner of the world, another enthralling epic will start its odyssey. And I will fall in love. Again.

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Death exists. Death exists in the gusty wind, in the bewitching sunset, in the dainty flowers, in the nondescript office desk, in the flickering streetlamps, in every flake of life. Death exists in our everyday life, and we slowly walk towards Him.

The truth about ‘Selfishness’

via The truth about 'Selfishness' Sometimes in life, you come across a rare piece of art. An art, which is so amazing, so beautiful, that you simply can't be satiated. An art which you want to share with the world. This is such a moment for me. Read this post: an absolute beauty.

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